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Are you worried about your aging parent?

Indicare Wristwatch

Stay in-touch and ensure their safety with Indicare:

Fall alerting
Wander detection
Emergency Call button
Non-emergency assistance calls
Cloud monitored by up to 8 family or friends
GPS Tracking
Indoor & Outdoor positioning
Works anywhere
No landline required


As people begin to age, their mental and physical abilities can become impaired meaning they are more at risk of injury, which can be particularly worrying for their loved ones. The fact is, there is a limited amount of long-term care facilities available and, in most cases, elderly people would prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home. An emerging solution is the use of monitoring systems which allow people to check on their elderly loved ones without being too intrusive, meaning they can maintain a degree of independence for as long as possible.

Senior Care Monitoring
Independent Living Systems
Pendent Alarms
Fall Alarms
Dementia Tracking
Gps Bracelets & Watches


Fall detection
Automatic fall detection raises the alarm if the wearer cannot do so him/herself. Indicare’s is designed to prevent false alarms.
Integral SOS button
User may initiate an alarm via wristwatch
Boundary / Geofence Alert
Invisible boundaries may be set on the map. Alerts are sent by Phone/Email/SMS if the wearer Enters or Exits the boundary.
Phone-a-friend speakerphone
Allows Users to phone a choice of up to 8 pre-set Carers
Outdoor emergency tracking (GPS)
Indicare features GPS so the User can be located to within 10 metres in an emergency
Indoor emergency tracking (Beacons)
Indicare is the only system that offers indoor tracking. Ask for more details.
Cloud monitoring
Watch & Cloud constantly

Every situation is unique but we have a lot of experience and capability to tailor a system to suit your needs. Contact us now to discuss your situation.

Senior Living Watch


Alert | Talk | Locate | Help

As no two scenarios are identical, we can optimise Indicare to match specific requirements

Healthy Care Receivers

For those living independent lives, Indicare provides peace-of-mind for the care receiver themselves and their carers.

So, for example, should the person being cared for need help with something, e.g. lifting an object, assistance with a domestic chore, etc., they can request help using Indicare’s wristwatch, which will call a carer and allow them to discuss the issue.

In more serious situations such as an SOS or a fall, the system may automatically summon help by phoning available carers. It can also email & SMS relevant people.

Dementia /Alzheimer’s Sufferers

For those suffering from mental health issues, Indicare provides a subtle & unobtrusive protective shield.

Should the care receiver leave their home during a specific period (or anytime), the on-call carer(s) will be notified and provided with their location.

Should the care receiver go on holidays or be taken elsewhere for respite, the boundary can be easily changed to that location.

Obviously, falls are also notified for.

The Indicare device (wristwatch) is also setup to behave differently so, perhaps, does not allow the care receiver to use specific functions or call people repetitively. There are too many potential variations to cover here as the system is completely customisable to the situation.

Also, carers may elect a given time each day when Indicare will contact them automatically and facilitate a conversation with the care receiver.

If they’re in trouble, you’re notified so you can take action

Where is my Mum, Dad or Partner?
Our systems are not tied to the home, they work anywhere. We can help you find your loved one if they’re missing, alert you if they leave/arrive when they shouldn’t or if they’re hurt.

Independent Living Systems
Updates you on whether your elderly mum, dad, partner, etc. is moving about their home by a certain time of the day and alerts you if they’re not so you can check on them.

Pendant Alarms
Wearable devices that allow your send an alert signal to the carer should the wearer find themselves in difficulty.

Fall Alarms
Carers are alerted if your loved one suffers a fall.

Dementia Tracking
Indicare will alert you if your mum, dad, partner, etc. leaves their home or other location at A) anytime or B) times you can set.

GPS Watch
Indicare’s attractive design with analogue clock is familiar and unthreatening. Your loved one won’t mind wearing it. For those prone to removing watches, a tamper-resistant strap is available.




Many of the systems currently on the market are outdated and require a landline to be present and connected in the home. Such systems do not offer adequate protection.

They only have the range of a cordless telephone. Not much use if you fall in the garden or at the shops!

Halo’s Indicare system is different. We offer an attractive, multifunction wristwatch so you can find your mum or dad, wherever they are.

Furthermore, there is a correlation between delaying in visiting one’s GP and a minor medical issue becoming more serious. This can result in hospital or nursing home stays. In addition to being expensive, nobody wants to end up in that situation.

For this reason, Indicare discreetly monitors care receiver activity and may provide indications to carers that warrant early attention. These can include failure to drink fluids or reduced mobility. This information is available to carers & care receivers via the online dashboard.

Speakerphone -built-in: Halo systems allow our monitoring centre staff to attempt talk to your loved one if something happens.
We can find them: Halo systems have GPS positioning to find your loved one outdoors.
Indoor positioning: Did you know GPS only works outdoors? Well, we have the latest systems which can even locate people in their own homes and see which room they’re in. We call them beacons.
Indoor Beacons: Our wireless beacons can be stuck anywhere around the home. We can name the location of each one, e.g. Kitchen. When one of our compatible devices detects a nearby beacon, it automatically updates its position as, e.g. ‘Kitchen’. So, if something happens, you know exactly where to go and don’t have to search for your loved one.

Contact us now for more information about Halo Independent Living systems.

If you have any queries regarding our elder care monitoring systems, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Halo Security has helped numerous clients establish effective monitoring systems that provide complete peace of mind.

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