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Senior Care

As people begin to age, their mental and physical abilities can become impaired meaning they are more at risk of injury, which can be particularly worrying for their loved ones. The fact is, there is a limited amount of long-term care facilities available and, in most cases, elderly people would prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home. An emerging solution is the use of monitoring systems which allow people to check on their elderly loved ones without being too intrusive, meaning they can maintain a degree of independence for as long as possible.

  • Senior Care Monitoring

  • Independent Living Systems

  • Pendent Alarms

  • Fall Alarms

  • Dementia Tracking

  • Gps Bracelets & Watches

Did you know? Rapid medical intervention can prevent long stays in hospital or nursing homes. Indicare from Halo enables rapid response in an emergency,  such as a fall.

At Halo Security, we understand the concerns people have regarding their elderly loved ones. We also understand that no two scenarios are identical. For this reason, we have developed a range of innovative independent living solutions. They are tailor made to suit each person and to provide complete peace of mind. So, while some older people require round-the-clock supervision, many others do not and, just like their younger counterparts, they want to live independently in their own space and run their own lives as much as possible.
Indicare from Halo Security makes Independent living safe.

Indicare works Worldwide. Not just in your home. This provides peace of mind for the wearer and those who care for him /her.

Did you know? Unlike other systems, Halo Security’s Indicare Watch knows when you’re at home and switches off GPS positioning to extend battery life.

Notifications & Alerts. What’s the difference?

Notifications are optional, quiet updates that may be received by email or on the web to let you know that, say, Mum or Dad has left their home. This is important to some people, unimportant to others. But it could be critical in the case of a person suffering from severe dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and in these cases we raise an alert and telephone responders. When we setup the system, we agree with, you, our client what’s important and what is not.
Our approach is to discuss the matter and then we propose a service that fits. Call us today to discuss your needs.f

For more information on our elder care monitoring solutions, get in contact with us.

If you have any queries regarding our elder care monitoring systems, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Halo Security has helped numerous clients establish effective monitoring systems that provide complete peace of mind.