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GPS Tracking & Tagging

A lot of modern businesses have numerous variables which they need to keep track of, whether it’s vehicles, assets or personnel. Halo Security provides sophisticated tracking devices which can be used to monitor and assess your business processes, thus increasing overall efficiency. We have a diverse offering which includes GPS and real-time tracking solutions. Depending on the unique circumstances of each client we work with, we are able to design a suitable tracking system which will deliver on their expectations. 

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Asset Tracking

Halo Security specialises in tracking assets worldwide. Asset tracking refers to the positioning of assets using self-powered trackers. Essentially, anything that does not generate power while in use i.e. trailers or generate insufficient power to power accessories i.e. Outboard Motors require an Asset Tracker for protection.

Asset trackers may simply provide a GPS position or may be more advanced and incorporate sensory arrays to provide more data about the Asset to which they͛re attached. The following list is by no means exhaustive but gives an idea of the wide range of applications for Asset Tracking solutions:

  • Trailer Security

  • Outboard Motor Security

  • Motorcycles theft recovery

  • Moped theft

  • Jetski theft

  • Boat larceny

  • Goods-in-Transit Tampering / Damage Detection

  • Fragile Goods Drop / Impact Detection

  • Remote Humidity Monitoring

  • Remote Temperature Monitoring

  • Outdoor broadcast equipment Security

  • Water level monitoring & alerting

  • Protection of deployed analytics-hardware

  • Windfarm Assets Recovery

  • Farming implement security

  • Railway Tools & Storage Sheds Security

  • Mobile Generator positioning

  • Heavy Machinery tracking

  • High-value vehicle protection

  • Backup tracking-systems

  • AEDs (Automatic Electronic defibrillators

  • Dual redundancy tracking

  • API

  • Pallets

  • Bullion

  • Art

  • Antiques

  • Livestock

  • Light-sensitive goods

  • Supply-chain tracking

  • Lean logistics

  • Minimisation of losses

  • Reduce Insurance risk

  • Keeping clients updated

  • Shipping Container Security

For more information on our tracking systems, get in contact with us.

sLock – Halo Group’s GPS Padlock

Whiskey distillery. Produces high-value bottled liquor.

The problem:
During transport from the distribution centre to stores theft of a few cases here and there was being noted.

They use various road haulage operators to carry out logistics and do not own their own fleet. The introduction of a fixed system on a fleet of owned trailers was therefore not an option. Any solution needed to be portable.

sLock – Halo Group’s GPS Padlock
sLock looks and behaves like a regular high-security padlock but has some critical differences:

  • sLock reports its location

  • sLock reports every time it’s unlocked

  • sLock reports every time it’s locked

1. Once a truck is loaded, sLock is snapped onto the trailer’s doors. The key is given to the driver.
2. The truck departs for its destination.
3. Any heavy impact on the lock (attempted theft) is reported to key stakeholders immediately
4. If the key is used to open the lock before its destination is reached, an alert is generated Upon safe arrival at destination, the sLock is returned to the distribution centre for re-use.

About this product: sLock
sLock is a reusable tracking padlock which is perfect for being used as an instantly deployable alarm system for anything that accepts a standard padlock. An ingenious tool for Asset Tracking & protection.

Contact Us to discuss your application – we can customise all our solutions to suit your needs.

BT-12 – Halo Group’s ISO Shipping Container Security-Tracker

Global scrap metal trader

The problem:
Stuffed containers lying in secure ports in developing countries, awaiting export, were being opened, contents removed and replaced with rubble. Theft was only being discovered upon arrival at destination.

Our client was unable to deploy their own security within the secure port as it would have caused offense to the Port’s authorities who denied the incidents were taking place on their watch.

BT-12 – Halo Group’s ISO Shipping Container Security-Tracker
BT-12 is a custom-designed system that fits in the door-jam of ISO Shipping Containers. It has the following features:

  • Door Open / Close alerting

  • Light detection

  • Humidity measurement

  • Temperature measurement

  • Impact detection

  • GPS Tracking

  • Self-powered

  • Rapid-deployment

  • Reusable

1. Once a container is stuffed, BT-12 is affixed to the door-jam using its integral magnet
2. Container is sealed
3. Stakeholders get a push-notification on their Smartphones advising them that their Container is Secure
4. Any interference with the Container is reported immediately. 5. Authorised stakeholders are able to get periodic updates on the Container’s location

Upon safe arrival at destination, the BT-12 is removed by the recipient and returned to our client for re-use. It is estimated that the product has protection $25M of scrap metal during 2015 alone!

About this product: BT-12 -Halo Group͛s ISO Shipping Container Security-Tracker
BT-12 is a reusable ISO Container Security & Monitoring System. Highly versatile, it both protects goods from external threats but also reports environmental conditions such as humidity & temperature levels & the presence of light. It is instantly deployable and reusable.

Contact Us to discuss your application.

BT-11: The Self-powered Global Product-in-Transit Monitoring Solution

Pharmaceutical API manufacturer

The problem:
Client required assurance that goods were not being mishandled in transit nor exceeding given humidity & temperature levels.

No power available in transit environment.

BT-11: The Self-powered Global Product-in-Transit͛ Monitor
BT-11 is a custom-designed system that may be affixed to a pallet, container or stowed within a product’s box. Features:

  • Temperature measurement

  • Impact detection

  • GPS Tracking

  • Self-powered

  • Rapid-deployment

  • Reusable

1. Once the pallet was loaded, BT-11 is placed within the loaded goods using the adhesive backing
2. Container is sealed
3. Stakeholders get a push-notification on their Smartphones advising them if any impacts occur
4. Live location is accessible via PC, Smartphone & Tablet Apps 5. Stakeholders are able to run reports detailing temperature levels of goods during transit

About this product:
BT-11: The Self-powered Global Product-in-Transit͛ Monitor
BT-11 is a rugged, self-powered Product-in-Transit͛ activity monitor. View the live location of your goods and receive notifications immediately if your goods are tampered with or other exceptional conditions occur. Designed specifically for providing real-time alerts and updates about your valuable cargo. It delivers critical information on vital metrics.

Miniature in size, the BT-11 boasts a long battery life of 6 months and is rechargeable. Measuring just 130x30x30mm (5.11x1.18x1.18 inches).

BT-10: The Self-powered Global Equipment Tracking & Recovery Solution

BT-10 is a rugged tracker which achieves the impossible: Miniature size & long-battery life. Featuring >5yr battery-life based upon a reporting interval of one position per day, it measures just 65x65x24mm (2.55x2.55x0.94 inches). It is ideally suited to tracking Tools, Pallets, Valuable Loads, Vehicles & Containers etc.

The BT-10͛s molded, super-rugged shell contains GSM & RF Tracking technologies. This allows the device to provide its owner with broad locations on a day-to-day basis, even indoors, yet facilitate pinpoint location when required, using the RF homing beacon.

Factory sealed, it arrives ready-for-deployment and is activated by presenting a magnet to a sensitive surface on the face of the device for one second. This allows the BT-10 to achieve an IP rating of 69k –resistant to close-range high-pressure & temperature spray.

Furthermore, with an operating temperature range of between -30 to +85 ̊C (-22 to +185 ̊F), the BT-10 is ideally suited to harsh climates & environments.

BT-10 also features a rapid, easy-to-deploy, die-cut 3M™ glue tape. This adhesive bonds to most surfaces and is very high strength and weatherproof.