Covid-19 Pandemic: RadiTrace

The Automatic Close Contact Tracking & Alerting System

What is RadiTrace?

RadiTrace™ from Halo Security is a highly accurate and automatic ‘close-contact’ recording and alerting system. It comprises an RF wristband, remote wireless data upload system or ‘Gateway’ & Web Portal.

What does it do?

Based upon international Covid-19 guidelines* the discreet wristband silently vibrates to alert the wearer that another User is within a 2 metre radius of them. 

Simultaneously, it records the duration of time that the two are in ‘close contact’.
It is important to note that the device calculates the cumulative duration where close-contact might occur intermittently.

raditrace wristband

"RadiTrace demonstrates to authorities a proactive approach by Users to operate a ‘Covid 19- safe’ site through strict adherence to social distancing guidelines".

How does RadiTrace proactively help with Social Distancing?

The wristband’s vibraton function is intended to promote compliance with the social-distancing requirement of authorities around the globe. It acts as a reminder to both parties and helps with the social awkwardness that might arise from having to ask someone to move away from one’s close proximity.

How does the system help with Contact Tracing?

As the incubation period of Covid 19 leads to a significant delay in the onset of illness, it can be very difficult or impossible for patients to accurately identify those whom they have been in close contact with over the relevant period. Indeed, they may be too ill to do so at all. 

With RadiTrace, a User of the system who subsequently is diagnosed with Covid-19, may have their close contacts over a given time period, rapidly identified through the RadiTrace portal by their employer. This allows any close contacts to self-isolate pending testing for Covid-19 and to greatly inhibit further spread of the disease. 

The system facilitates filtering by cumulative contact time, for example, 15 minutes.

*The European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines define a “close contact” as a person having had face-to-face contact with a COVID-19 case within 2 metres and greater than 15 minutes.

How does RadiTrace Work? 

The wristband:

RadiTrace employs an accurate radio transceiver, a Class 5 Bluetooth Low Energy beacon or (BLE) contained within a convenient wearable wristband. This BLE is tuned to broadcast within a 2M radius.
Simultaneously, the BLE ‘listens’ for other devices in its proximity and, when this does occur, it records the cumulative time that the other beacon is in proximity over days and weeks.
The wearable device is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery with 72hr battery-life.

The Gateway:

The RadiTrace Gateway collects data wirelessly from the wristbands and uploads it to the cloud.
RadiTrace gateways have a 30M wristband-communication radius, line-of-sight. Several gateways may be employed on a single site to ensure all data is collected regularly from wristbands. Typically, gateways will be located in areas where personnel are likely to visit daily such as: Canteens, Exits & Toilets.
Gateways are mains powered and connect to the Internet via cellular radio

Raditrace makes contact tracing for all people easy and affordable. Get in touch.

Is RadiTrace accurate?

Yes. Raditrace is at least 5 times more accurate than GPS-based systems and it also works indoors where satellite fails entirely.

Why not use an App-based solution? 

RadiTrace is more reliable than ‘App-based’ solutions as:

  • Hardware variance Is eliminated
  • Settings may not be adjusted by the User
  • Non-compliance with use of the wristband is easy to identify
  • The system can be used where the use of cellular-phones is prohibited
  • The radio class in RadiTrace is purpose-designed for two-metre use unlike the Bluetooth radios in phones which are designed for longer range.

Benefits of using RadiTrace:

  • Prevents spread of Covid-19 amongst your staff and the wider community

  • Engenders confidence in the Public eye that your operation is Covid-safe

  • Assists in ‘flattening the curve’

  • Helps reduce the burden on Health Services

  • Demonstrates adherence to social distancing guidelines.

  • Helps get your business back up and running

Features of RadiTrace:

  • Accurate to two metres (distance defined by WHO as minimum safe distance between people)

  • Five-day battery and fully rechargeable

  • Five-times more accurate than GPS

  • GDPR compliant

  • Records cumulative daily exposure

  • Remote download

  • Secure and encrypted platform

  • Works indoors and outdoors


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