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Fall detection
Automatic fall detection raises the alarm if the wearer cannot do so him/herself. Indicare’s is designed to prevent false alarms.
Integral SOS button
User may initiate an alarm via wristwatch
Boundary / Geofence Alert
Invisible boundaries may be set on the map. Alerts are sent by Phone/Email/SMS if the wearer Enters or Exits the boundary.
Phone-a-friend speakerphone
Allows Users to phone a choice of up to 8 pre-set Carers
Outdoor emergency tracking (GPS)
Indicare features GPS so the User can be located to within 10 metres in an emergency
Indoor emergency tracking (Beacons)
Indicare is the only system that offers indoor tracking. Ask for more details.
Cloud monitoring
Watch & Cloud constantly

Every situation is unique but we have a lot of experience and capability to tailor a system to suit your needs. Contact us now to discuss your situation.

Are you worried about your special needs son or daughter wandering?

Is there a risk that your disabled child may fall and require help?

Indicare has an integrated auto-answer speakerphone which allows you to communicate with your child, providing reassurance while you make your way to their location.

SOS button: Let them alert you or other carers in an emergency.

Assist function: Let them choose the appropriate Carer and speak to them to get help with something.

Locking wristband option: Prevents removal without parental permission.


Discreet & pleasing analogue wristwatch
Sensory Processing Disorder sensitive
Provides location indoors & outdoors
Geofencing alerts you when your son/daughter wanders too far
Fall alerts: Automatic alerts in the event of a fall
Anti-tamper wrist strap: Optional locking closure that only mum or dad can remove
Speakerphone: Auto-answer option so you can talk to your child if required
Assist function: Allow your child to contact only chosen contacts if they need assistance.
SOS button: Available contacts are notified by Phone/Email/SMS in emergency
Home Beacon: Alternative radio locator beacon enables swift response when your child leaves the house, if required. It also means extended battery-life in the wristwatch as GPS is switched off when in range of the home beacon.

Indicare is a cloud-based solution that keeps watch at all times. It will alert carers in the event of a fall, SOS or even if the User just needs a little help with something.

Indicare has also been designed to be flexible with each person’s needs: if your child has heightened sensory sensitivity, the wristwatch can be set to a quiet mode easily via the web.

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