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We offer a variety of devices and backup services to get the job done safely:

  • Fall alerting

  • Emergency Call button

  • Non-emergency assistance calls

  • ATEX/EX – rated hardware options

  • Indoor tracking beacons / Outdoor GPS positioning options

  • Hardware to suit all needs: ‘ID badge’-style to wristwatches to Intrinsically safe belt-worn styles

  • Specialist in areas with poor telecommunications coverage

  • Monitored by dedicated Incident Management Centre Subtext

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Lone Worker Protection

A lone worker refers to those who have to work alone without direct or close supervision, as such; lone workers can be more exposed to health and safety risks. It is the responsibility of the employer to protect the health and safety of their lone workers through effective risk control measures as outlined in Section 19 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005.

With our combination of innovative products and industry expertise, Halo Security can provide an effective and affordable lone worker protection solution that will guarantee the safety of employees. Our solutions include Man Down detection and protection for isolated staff, with offerings tailored to suit specific needs.

Standard Features

  • Works on all networks

  • Small form factor, easy to carry

  • Panic button enables user to silently call for assistance

  • Man Down automatically alerts for falls and body impacts, uses pattern recognition technology to reduce false alarms

  • Amber Alert user activated timer system that sends an alert once it expires, cancelled once the user is safe but will automatically trigger if user fails to do so

  • 24/7 monitoring centre cover

Halo Security provides protection solutions for lone workers in all types of potentially hazardous environments e.g. petrochemical, pharmaceutical, or heavy industrial sites.

Examples of Lone Workers

  • Those working in fixed establishments which only have one person working e.g. kiosks, petrol stations, shops

  • Those working separately from others e.g. in warehouses, factories, leisure centres

  • Those working outside normal working hours e.g. nigh security, cleaners

  • Those working away from their base e.g. construction workers, electricians

  • Agricultural and forestry workers

  • Service workers e.g. postal staff, social workers

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