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Senior Care Monitoring

As people begin to age, their mental and physical abilities can become impaired meaning they are more at risk of injury, which can be particularly worrying for their loved ones. The fact is, there is a limited amount of long-term care facilities available and, in most cases, elderly people would prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home. An emerging solution is the use of monitoring systems which allow people to check on their elderly loved ones without being too intrusive, meaning they can maintain a degree of independency.

  • Senior Care Monitoring

  • Independent Living Systems

  • Pendent Alarms

  • Fall Alarms

  • Dementia Tracking

  • Gps Bracelets & Watches

At Halo Security, we understand the concerns people have regarding their elderly loved ones, which is why we have sourced a range of innovative monitoring solutions designed to provide complete peace of mind. These monitoring solutions provide detailed yet non-intrusive updates, allowing you to quickly pick up on any concerning changes or incidents. Our product range includes wearables, fall detection, access automation and monitoring, with tailored solutions available to accommodate specific needs e.g. protection for dementia sufferers, independent living assistance, etc.

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