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warehouse securityWarehouse Security aims to prevent theft and alert either a monitoring company, keyholder or designated person that a theft is taking place, then provide evidence of a theft (cctv footage).

While a robust warehouse security plan should incorporate security measures such as :

– locks and/or barriers.

– Alarm System (monitored by a security company).

– CCTV (closed circuit TV)

– Possibly a static guard


Thieves can break locks and barriers and use stolen vehicles to break through walls and gates. Thieves expect Warehouse Security alarms and know that even with a monitored alarm service the response time is such that they will have left the premises long before the cavalry arrives. CCTV, while an important part of a comprehensive warehouse security plan, does not deter all thieves (masking of facial features is commonplace), often making identification of the intruder(s) difficult. Even where a static guard is present, there have been cases where the guard has been tied up while the thieves go about their work.

At Halo Security we are now pleased to offer an innovative loss prevention technology to bridge the gap in your warehouse security plan. Halo FogSecure prevents thieves from seeing the goods in your premises and gives them no option but to flee the premises. On alarm, SMS (text message) or other trigger, a dense (completely safe) fog is pumped into your warehouse in seconds making it impossible for a thief to see the assets he is there to steal. We have many client testimonials. The fog leaves no residue (guaranteed) and has been comprehensively tested to ensure it does no damage to human, animal or product (including clothing).

Download our FogSecure PDF brochure:

Halo FogSecure brochure

Halo FogSecure brochure


To arrange a demonstration of FogSecure in your premises please contact us.


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