Real Time Tracking

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Halo Security provides Real Time Tracking for vehicles through an easy to use web based program. Simply navigate to our dedicated website, enter your user name and password and you will be able to see your vehicle or vehicles in real time. A green arrow indicates a car or vehicle is in use and shows the direction the vehicle is going. A red arrow indicates the vehicle is stopped. Halo Security provides a full range of vehicle gps tracking solutions from single vehicles to full fleets.

Single Vehicle Tracking

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Vehicle GPS Tracking and Anti Theft DevicesHalo Security provides vehicle tracking systems for individual vehicles. 

While GPS tracking systems were once only considered in Commercial Applications where a fleet manager or company owner needed Fleet Management, or by trucking / haulage companies, plant hire companies and companies in general trying to reduce fuel and operating costs while more closely controling their businesses through detailed gps reporting information, now Halo Security can offer a value solution to individuals. Read more

Fleet Management

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Halo Security’s Fleet Management Systems

Benefits of Fleet Management: