Asset Tracking RFID tags

October 16, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

RFID Tags for asset tracking are a way of keeping track of assets or animals and are successfully used in supply chain management. Halo Security specializes in passive RFID technology, embedded RFID applications (where the Asset tracking RFID tag is molded into a housing or container) and industrial applications.

The most common type of RFID tag for asset tracking that we offer requires no power and are very small in size. For example the Halo RFID Tough is only 13mm long by 3mm diameter, and this is not our smallest RFID tag. The Halo RFID Tough can be overmolded and is very durable. It is hermetically sealed and is a bio-compatible inert device that has FDA, FCC and USDA approval. The RFID tags themselves have a unique code or fingerprint that cannot be changed. The lifespan of these Asset Tracking RFID tags is virtually limitless since they don’t require power to run, have no moving parts and are hermetically encased in special glass.

Once an Asset tracking RFID tag has been incorporated into a product, container or animal it can be read with an RFID Reader. The applications for RFID asset tracking Tags are numerous and offer significant advantages in supply chain management, proof of delivery, stock traceability, in process traceability and industrial inspections.

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