eLock – Switch door keys On and Off, remotely. And much more…

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Download the Halo eLock PDF brochure here.

Do you want to control access to your building without lots of equipment, wiring & mess?

Halo Security introduces a novel solution, eLock. Never have to ‘change the locks again…

Consisting of an chip-controlled lock cylinder, which replaces your current lock, and a matching electronic key, eLock brings door-locking into the 21st century.

elock Cyclinder

Red electronic key

eLock Master Key – Allows you to update the permissions on your eLock door hardware. Changes which keys open the door, when they can do it and receives an audit trail so you know who opened the door, and when.

Once installed, keys are assigned permissions for various doors.

Permission may be set for specific time-periods only e.g. Business hours

If staff leave the firm but don’t return their key, the key may be disabled on your PC and the locks updated the next time an authorised key is presented to them.

Audit trail: Want to know when someone accessed an area? No problem, just insert your key in the lock and read the data on your PC. it’s that simple… staff time and attendance is included.


No more bunches of keys!

No more worries about lost or stolen keys!

Control the who, when & where of your building, filing cabinet, site or even your vending machines! Yes, you can use this system wherever & whatever your need! Any lock can be upgraded to eLock


eLock is an electronic access-control solution which eliminates the need for multiple keys. It provides a secure, online audit-trail of areas or objects accessed by all users. Access levels may be adjusted online to limit or increase any or all user’s access levels. Access may be adjusted by seniority, time, area or per individual.

eLock key showming various components

eLock key disassembled -with battery, case and electronic interface.

Detailed executive reporting within the system highlights user activity while exception reporting alerts for unauthorised access attempts or unusual access activity (abuse of access permission).

The system works as follows: 

  1. Each user is given an ikey  
  2. iLock is fitted everywhere you need it  
  3. Permissions & users are set-up online  

The locks do not require an external power-source. They are powered, each time they are used, by the key attempting to access the area they protect. This reduces the cost of the system to a fraction of what a traditional electronic access control system might cost. It also allows us to retrofit the system to every lock, door or cabinet from the standard shackle-type lock to parking meters, office doors and glass cabinets!

Both the keys & the locks record access times, denials & users on on-board flash memory in every building or area within the system. 

All in all, eLock is a comprehensive system which is has almost limitless uses and provides huge cost savings over other solutions. It is ideal for:

  • Void properties
  • Warehousing
  • Retail
  • Industrial complexes
  • Building sites
  • Gates
  • Banking
  • Healthcare

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