Wireless Barrier System – Halo SITEGUARD – Remote Site Security – No Site Power & No Static Guard Required

January 26, 2009 by · 2 Comments 

The Halo Siteguard Wireless Barrier System is a unique battery powered, SMS (text based), alert system that informs you by text message if your site or yard has unwanted visitors. Halo Security offers this Barrier System in conjunction with a monitored service that can significantly reduce the costs of having a static guard on-site.

The wireless barrier can alert our monitoring centre of a site security breach and the appropriate action can be taken.

Halo Siteguard (Wireless Barrier System) Features & Benefits:

  • The Halo Wireless Barrier System can┬árun without power for up to 1 year ! (no wires).
  • SMS (text message) sent to mobile (cell) phone on intruder alert.
  • Keyswitch enable / disable.
  • Barriers can be installed in hours.
  • Quad IR (infrared) beams reduce false alerts.
  • Tamper Proof Design.
  • 40 metres between transmitter and receiver.
  • Possibility of Covert Install depending on site layout.
  • Reduce manned guard costs.
  • Reduce mobile patrol costs.

Halo SITEGUARD datasheet