Single Vehicle Tracking

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Vehicle GPS Tracking and Anti Theft DevicesHalo Security provides vehicle tracking systems for individual vehicles. 

While GPS tracking systems were once only considered in Commercial Applications where a fleet manager or company owner needed Fleet Management, or by trucking / haulage companies, plant hire companies and companies in general trying to reduce fuel and operating costs while more closely controling their businesses through detailed gps reporting information, now Halo Security can offer a value solution to individuals.

  • Allows you to locate your vehicle anytime 24/7 using your own mobile phone.
  • Does not maintain a record of the their day-to-day activity
  • Variety of standard and optional features including:
  • Alarm paging to owner’s mobile
  • Vehicle speed alert to owner’s mobile or ‘Daddy’!
  • Remote vehicle immobilisation
  • Crash sensor
  • Low battery warning
  • Europe-wide mapping & coverage
  • Consider Single Vehicle Tracking if:

    • You own a valuable cars and are instructed to fit a tracking system by your insurance company due to high-value of vehicle or its desirability to thieves.
    • You are a suspicious spouse
    • You are a parent who is concerned about your child’s or teenagers safety on the roads – the system will alert up to 5 people if the car exceeds parental speed limit. Parents may then safely immobilise the vehicle – the disABLEd- ability to alert friends should they become stranded in their vehicle at the press of a button. unit will provide location.


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