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lone working man down alarm

Lone working has its rewards and challenges.

You have time flexibility in that your boss might know where you are but not what you are doing minute by minute. You might be able to finish what you are doing early. You can possibly choose to start work early and finish early. You may sometimes work alone in different locations and that can add interest to your job and the benefit of a company vehicle or mileage allowance.

The downside of lone working is that you might find yourself in a dangerous or compromising situation without a colleague present.

Read about lone working legislation to understand an employees and employers obligations when it comes to lone working .

Halo Security offers Lone working Technology which features a man down alarm that addresses the downside of lone working. Our lone worker system is a handheld device about the size of a mobile phone. As a lone worker you can alert a 24/7 monitoring centre by pressing two buttons on the device. This results in our monitoring service being able to find your exact location and alert your boss or security company (or do whatever is agreed). There is a lot more to the device than this basic description, which you can understand more fully by reading more about our man down alarm device.

Another point worth noting when you use our man down device in a lone working scenario, is that your employer will never know where you are unless you issue an alert from the device, indicating that you are in trouble or in distress. At that point, and only then, will the monitoring centre find your exact GPS location on
a map. This is important for employees and also employers to understand. The Halo device is not intended for use as a tracking device, and our policy is to only use the tracking features of the device when its needed. This puts the employee in control of whatever situation might arise, without feeling that someone is looking over their shoulder all the time.


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