Parental Control

July 22, 2008 by  

Halo SMS Safety-Route is designed for young motorists and their parents. Statistically young people, particularly young men, are more likely to be involved in accidents. Halo SMS Safety-Route allows parents to take proactive steps to understand and limit their children’s behaviour on the road.

With Safety-Route fitted parents can designate a speed which their kids are not permitted to exceed !

If the child at any point exceeds that speed limit his/her parents are alerted, via their mobile phone, with the exact speed and location (using GPS coordinates)!

Moreover, parent(s) then have the option to remotely immobilise the vehicle wherever they are in the World! The immobiliser does not operate until the car is parked. The next time the child parks the vehicle the immobiliser activates preventing the vehicle from being restarted. Only the parent can enable the car again- from their mobile phone – once their son/daughter has been reminded of the dangers of driving too fast!

The system also allows parents to locate their children’s vehicle at any time.

Halo SMS Safety-Route is available nationwide in Ireland at €995 including fitting. We do consider inquiries from other countries.

An additional fee on €12.50 per month is payable for tracking and monitoring services.

The system is also available on easypay at €39.95 per month all inclusive.


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