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Here is Halo Fog Secure featuring on TV3 in Ireland, last year:



Halo Fog Guard - eliminate or reduce losses due to theft

Halo FogSecure pumps targeted non-toxic fog into a premises or vehicle within seconds of an alarm, causing thieves to flee EMPTY HANDED !

Aggressive ‘smash & grab’ robberies and sophisticated nighttime burglaries continue to affect a variety of sectors from Filling Stations to Jewellers, Pubs to Betting Offices. Major thefts from warehousing -which takes considerable time is also becoming more prevalent.

Download our FogSecure PDF brochure:

Halo FogSecure brochure

Halo FogSecure brochure

Locks, Alarms & CCTV are essential means of reducing opportunistic theft, alerting police and assisting in future prosecutions. However, daily events prove that these staple security measures do not prevent highly aggressive thieves from carrying out successful raids. Attacks can happen while a targetted premises is open for business and the barriers, locks & alarms are disabled. Or, alarm communications are compromised and thieves can spend more time defeating physical security measures, undetected. The latter being the modus operandi for warehouse theft.

However, where existing security measures have been even moderate, a panic-button will have been pressed during a raid or a local-alarm siren will have been triggered in a warehouse theft. The difficulty is that the delay in Police response facilitates rapid, yet costly and disruptive robberies and a local-alarm siren is oft ignored.

You cannot steal that which you cannot see!

In premises equipped with Halo FogSecure thieves leave very quickly and, as they came in, empty-handed!

Halo FogSecure is a pro-active solution to theft and robberies which pumps out a very dense ‘pea-soup’ fog which completely robs thieves of their ability to see:

Within moments of entering a building, raiders are met by a dense fog rapidly emanating (26m³ per second) from their target area (tills, stock room etc) toward the exit.

Their goal beyond reach, completely covered by a thick cloud of Halo FogSecure, they quickly realise that their only exit route will be similarly unreachable unless they leave haste, post haste!

Most losses due to theft occur in the first few minutes of a robbery – Halo Fog Secure is the latest in loss prevention technology.

Halo FogSecure cannot be defeated as one cannot cut it, burn it, damage it, inhibit it -the type of tactics that criminals use to circumvent conventional security measures.

Halo Fog Secure is completely harmless, odourless and dissipates naturally leaving absolutely no trace. It does not affect clothing or electronics.

Please contact us at Halo Security Ltd for professional advice on how to augment your existing security systems with Halo FogSecure.

Halo FogSecure Features and Benefits

  • Fog is created from a specially formulated foodstuff that is completely non-toxic.
  • No residues {no equipment damage and safe for humans and animals, including trained police dogs arriving at the scene}.
  • Reduces visibility on premises to 30cm – what a thief can’t see they can’t steal.
  • FogSecure Warehouse can produce up to 800m3 of dense fog within 30 seconds /unit.
  • Halo FogSecure Store units provide from 220m3 of smoke in 30 seconds.
  • Auto-regulating fog control ensures that fog output is increased in the event a thief tries to disperse the fog.
  • Integrates with existing security systems [allowing you to set your alarm as normal with no added steps].
  • Fully automatic [alarm or event triggered].
  • Reliable.
  • Heavy duty casing {toughened design}.
  • Compact Design.
  • Fire alarm input circuit to prevent unwanted activation after a real fire has been detected.
  • Manufactured under ISO9001-2000 Quality Assurance System.
  • Fog Secure complies with British Standards.
  • Manufactured in Europe.
  • Extensively tested and successfully operating in applications worldwide.
  • Peace of mind (finally know that your premises is safe).
  • SMS messaging to alert that system has been triggered (optional)
  • 3 year warranty.
  • On successful application we can possibly add clients to a special insurance policy that  provides legal protection against intruders who sue for damages if they are injured in the fog (to date there have been no claims).
  • Good for staff morale.
  • Reduced insurance premiums possible.


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