Vehicle Tracking Systems

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Vehicle Tracking Real Time Map - in this picture the two red circles indicate that two vehicles in this view are stationary and the arrows show which way the vehicle is pointing

Vehicle Tracking uses GPS technology to relay information about a vehicle in realtime. At Halo Security we specialize in Vehicle Tracking Technology and install and support complete and proven Vehicle Tracking Solutions.

Halo Security’s Vehicle Tracking Systems offer several distinct advantages. First of all it is a low cost, high value solution. Secondly, we listen to customers and as a result we work on improvements to our systems. When improvements are made to our tracking software we can send updates to each vehicle over the air. We believe in incremental improvements because they mean you, the customer, will experience better service and use Halo Security in future or recommend us.

Dedicated Vehicle GPS Tracking Website

We have a dedicated website that you can access to GPS track your Single Vehicle or entire Fleet:

  • Ease of use –login –see your vehicles immediately – no messing or multiple clicks.
  • 1 min update of vehicle positions (can be reduced to 20 sec if required).
  • World mapping & perfect Ireland maps -Microsoft partner – so mapping is feeding direct from Microsoft servers (daily updates of map).
  • You can add comments to vehicle journeys so that they appear in future reports (remind yourself of an employee activity).
  • Full report suite including :
    • Custom Reports
    • Vehicle Details
    • Vehicle Service Intervals
    • Employee Name & Mobile phone number

Vehicle GPS Tracking from Halo Security for less than €1 per day


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