Fleet Management

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Halo Security’s Fleet Management Systems

Benefits of Fleet Management:

  • Increased Management Information – Improving call-routes no doubling-up with multiple calls
  • Security (Vehicles, Plant, Assets) – Recover stolen equipment
  • Reduced Insurance premiums – Insurance discounts are available to fleets using GPS.
  • Improved Staff Productivity – Ensure your staff earn their wage: Start/Finish on time.
  • Elimination of Fraudulent Overtime – Proof of where staff are/were at any time.
  • Ensures employees take “acceptable breaks”.
  • Encourages drivers to drive safely.
  • Reduced Fuel Costs – Eliminating ‘the scenic route’
  • Improved Customer Service – Guaranteeing & proving times of deliveries /visits
  • Helps employers conform with duty-of-care legislation by demonstrating their effective control of their fleet and by having a facility to respond to bad driving habits i.e Speeding
    Assist in ascertaining liability in RTAs by providing crash reports which detail vehicle activity before, during & after an accident. Information includes impact time, angle, speed & force and whether avoidance and/or braking was effected by the driver.
  • Our Fleet Management System will benefit any business where an employee drives a vehicle.
  • Big customers benefit big. Small customers benefit biggest! Smaller clients usually have owner operators who work hard in the business themselves e.g. Plumbers, electricians etc. They don’t have time to confirm that Joe is where he says he is. With Halo Security’s Fleet Management System they can check back later if they’re too busy now!
  • Plant Hire: Prove when a customer used a piece of equipment to prove a hire bill!
  • Construction: Prevent theft of valuable machinery left on site.
  • Couriers: Tell the customer exactly when to expect their pick-up / drop-off.
  • Our systems are invisible – driver won’t know it’s there.
  • Lots of clients fit a system without telling employees for a few weeks –but best results are obtained when staff know it’s there.
  • Halo Security can install vehicle tracking and fleet management systems on weekends and evenings.
  • Allow employers to increase the productivity and reduce the costs of their mobile assets whether they have 1 or 1001 vehicles!
  • Maintains a detailed, accurate and permanent record of all fleet activity.
  • Reduces mobile phone costs.
  • Variety of standard & optional features:

– Live tracking
– Remote immobilisation
– Europe-wide coverage & mapping
– Driver I.D
– Vehicle I.D.
– Privacy button – after work when a vehicle is in private use by the employee.


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