Car Tracking

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Car tracking can now be considered by employers around the country have just one car or small number of cars on the road. Insurance companies can insist on having a car tracker fitted on expensive cars.

There are economies of scale where vehicle tracking is concerned (more vehicles tracked makes more economic sense), however a company with one or two reps. or trucks on the road can still experience the same type of revenue losses as large Fleet Managers.

At Halo Security can we offer single vehicle tracking systems for small numbers of vehicles. Our car tracking system still has all the benefits of a full GPS Fleet Management system! The reality is that we’re delighted to provide our excellent technology to anybody as we’re certain that their experience will lead to further word-of-mouth sales.

Car Tracking

Car Tracking

The reality, of course, is that the smaller business is far more susceptible to inefficiency than the larger one as cash flow is usually more restricted, the business more fledgling.

Overtime is the biggest killer of a business. Smaller businesses which lack several layers of line managers and instead have just one boss who’s also working at the coal face tend to lose money to fraudulent overtime hand-over-fist. And, ironically, they’re the ones who can least afford it. The example of this is the Plumber who works late him/herself while the apprentice fits, say, a dishwasher at a different location at 6pm:

The Plumber does the paperwork and wages on a given evening and requests ‘hours’ from the apprentice. Knowing this to be tantamount to a blank cheque -the apprentice adds a few hours to the dishwasher job and picks up an overtime bonus along the way. The chances of the Plumber phoning ‘Mrs Jones’ to confirm the “8pm” finish is unlikely. Unlikelier still is that Mrs Jones would get “that nice boy” into trouble with his/her boss!

The result is that the dishwasher job at Mrs Jones’ house cost the plumber money! This situation gets even worse for firms whose vehicle(s) carry more than one staff member. If one person is committing overtime fraud the other person must be too or else their hours won’t tally. That’s a double whammy for the employer.

The other thing to note here is; if you think you have a problem, you most certainly do. Our GPS Car Tracking system will cost you very little, save you a fortune and help build goodwill with your clients as employees become more efficient and less tardy. The sooner you make the decision to go ahead the sooner you start saving… Call us for a simple, free online demo.

Single Vehicle Tracking

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Vehicle GPS Tracking and Anti Theft DevicesHalo Security provides vehicle tracking systems for individual vehicles. 

While GPS tracking systems were once only considered in Commercial Applications where a fleet manager or company owner needed Fleet Management, or by trucking / haulage companies, plant hire companies and companies in general trying to reduce fuel and operating costs while more closely controling their businesses through detailed gps reporting information, now Halo Security can offer a value solution to individuals. Read more