Halo SiteCAM HD – covertly record video and audio without mains power

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Halo SiteCAM HD is a “covert” state of the art “evidence-grade” video and audio recorder. It works on battery power and is ideal for locations where no electrical power is available.

The covert Halo SiteCAM HD records surveillance video, audio, and pictures, day or night, rain or snow for 2 to 3 weeks between battery changes. It can even deliver 2-months of service if the optional external battery-pack is used. It doesn’t require an external power source. The Halo SiteCAM HD will capture all the action day or night complete with a time, date, moon phase, and temperature stamp on every video segment. It records crystal clear surveillance video with audio or can be easily adjusted to take fast-action snapshots to keep your property safe, day or night, indoors or out.


Halo SiteCAM HD Features and Benefits:

  • Records video & audio footage in all types of weather.
  • Battery powered – Does not require a hardline electrical connection.
  • Audio & Video stored on removable SD memory-card.
  • Dual cameras: Colour & B&W for perfect Day & Night images.
  • Colour 8 Megapixel camera for Hi-Def imaging.
  • Black and White (B&W) camera is 2 Megapixel for night clarity.
  • Infrared motion sensor to allow system capture images only when needed.
  • 15 Metre covert night-vision LEDs.
  • User settings: This customisable Digital Video/Infrared Camera Records Day or Night when motion is detected. It may be programmed to record fast-action snapshots or video segments. Choose video segments and adjust the unit to record 5 to 300 second video segments depending on your surveillance needs.
  • Perfect surveillance video day or night.
  • Infrared (IR) Sensor [with 54 IR emitters] that captures night vision video up to 15 metres away.
  • Simple Plug & Play Format and Crystal Clear Viewing [H.264 video compression (MPEG 4) format used by the Halo SiteCAM HD is extremely easy to playback on your PC or laptop.
  • 1024 x 720 High Definition (HD) digital video recording results in high quality video playback that lets you see everything perfectly.
  • 100% Weatherproof Camera designed For Outdoor Use.
  • Easily placed in a tree or other covert location.
  • Motion-activated recording will capture all the action onto a removable SD card.


– Camouflage attachment to blend with trees.
– External Li-ion battery to deliver two-months service life.
– Locking system to prevent theft if unit is discovered.

Mobile DVR – Car DVR – 12 volt DVR – Car CCTV System – Vehicle DVR

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Halo Security offers a vehicle DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that is specifically designed for use in cars, buses, coaches, cash carriers, industrial vehicles, investigation vehicles, military trucks, police vehicles, taxi’s, trucks and even yachts and aircraft.

A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is known to most of us as a way of recording a live image from TV or CCTV for playback at a later date. A mobile DVR works in the same way except that it is specially designed to accept lower voltage and handle the shock and vibration associated with a moving vehicle. Additional features such as the ability to send still images O.T.A (over the air), smart recording (on vehicle movement for example) and optional GPS tracking make this a robust and highly featured mobile DVR solution.

Features of the Halo Rugged mobile DVR :

  • Designed to be vibration-proof.
  • Able to withstand harsh environments.
  • Embedded Linux Operating System offering a distinct performance & stability.
  • Tracking capability via GPS and GPRS (optional). 
  • Still image is transmittable to remote PC via GPRS.
  • Real-time display.
  • Maximum recording rate 25fps (PAL) [fps = frames per second].
  • Alarm notification via SMS (optional).
  • Audio and video recording.
  • 2 audio inputs.
  • High compression rate through MPEG-4 technology.
  • Fan-less design.
  • Low power consumption: Max: 12W.
  • Smart recording mode including motion continuous recording, detection recording, alarm recording and scheduled recording.
  • Easy backup via CF card or USB pc link.
  • Overwrite function.
  • Pre-alarm and Post-alarm recording.
  • 2.7G-Shock Anti-vibration.
  • Adjustable picture quality/recording frame rates/storage device.
  • Designed for use in harsh environments: Rugged, withstands ambient industrial temperature ranges.