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Our experience of GPS Tracking Systems led us to develop the Boomerang Tracker to address the tracking needs of our clients over the years. They asked for a tracker that:

  • Didn’t need wiring
  • Could be easily attached to anything
  • Was small and hard to detect
  • Could be located with a standard Mobile Phone
  • Didn’t have any contract or monthly fees
  • Would work for a long time without an external power source
  • Could work without a Personal Computer

The Boomerang GPS Tracker delivers all this and a lot more. It is the culmination of years of research and development and we have decided to make it available to a worldwide audience via this eCommerce site,

Asset Tracking – SMS Asset Tracking – use your mobile (cell) phone to find your asset – Halo PlantPoint SMS

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Asset Tracking – The Halo Plantpoint SMS Tracking System:

The Halo Plantpoint is a GPS/GSM SMS asset tracking system. It contains a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and can be powered from a DC supply up to 30volts making it ideal for cars, trucks, taxis, plant equipment and so on. It features a multi-channel high sensitivity GPS receiver Global Quad Band GSM/GPRS Engine with 3G Motion detection sensor and Lithium ion battery and will work WORLDWIDE.

The Halo PlantPoint SMS asset tracking system can be used in a number of applications, and communicates via mobile (cell) phone SMS (text) commands.

For example: you can text the unit and it will respond with unit name, latitude, longitude.

The Halo PlantPoint asset tracking system features multiple configurable geofences, meaning that if the asset the device is installed on is moved outside a predetermined radius then an SMS alert is sent to designated phone numbers. Uniquely, the system also sets a secondary geofence on ignition off. This feature is particularly important when dealing with assets that can be moved (or towed).

Halo Security offers on-line mapping. When asset tracking simply enter the coordinates you receive by SMS into our dedicated webpage and you will be shown the location of your asset in map or satellite imagery.

Halo PlantPoint Asset Tracking Specifications:

  • Frequency Band: Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • GPS Peak Gain: 26 dBi
  • Dimensions: 100 mm x 85 mm x 35 mm
  • Weight: under 200g
  • Supply Voltage: 6v-30v
  • Temp: -20 ~ +70 degrees
  • Antennas: Combined GSM/GPS

With the Halo PlantPoint asset tracking system (using a mobile / cell phone) you can:

  • Set device name.
  • Get device position.
  • Configure the device to work with up to 5 mobile (cell) numbers.
  • Add / change passwords.
  • Change device heartbeat interval (how often the unit communicates in the event of a security breach).
  • Arm / Disarm device.
  • Set radius for multiple geofences (first fence could be 300 metres, the next fence could be 3km).

Asset Tracking RFID tags

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RFID Tags for asset tracking are a way of keeping track of assets or animals and are successfully used in supply chain management. Halo Security specializes in passive RFID technology, embedded RFID applications (where the Asset tracking RFID tag is molded into a housing or container) and industrial applications.

The most common type of RFID tag for asset tracking that we offer requires no power and are very small in size. For example the Halo RFID Tough is only 13mm long by 3mm diameter, and this is not our smallest RFID tag. The Halo RFID Tough can be overmolded and is very durable. It is hermetically sealed and is a bio-compatible inert device that has FDA, FCC and USDA approval. The RFID tags themselves have a unique code or fingerprint that cannot be changed. The lifespan of these Asset Tracking RFID tags is virtually limitless since they don’t require power to run, have no moving parts and are hermetically encased in special glass.

Once an Asset tracking RFID tag has been incorporated into a product, container or animal it can be read with an RFID Reader. The applications for RFID asset tracking Tags are numerous and offer significant advantages in supply chain management, proof of delivery, stock traceability, in process traceability and industrial inspections.

Contact Halo Security to find out more about our Asset tracking RFID Tags and how RFID Technology can help your business.

Stolen Outboard

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Numerous marine enthusiasts in Ireland and from around the World have been enquiring about our Marine Asset Tracking Solutions and are increasingly reporting the theft of outboard engines and other Marine Assets.

It seems that thieves are going to great lengths to effect the theft of outboard motors. Theft from boats that are on trailers is one thing but increasingly brazen thieves are actually removing boats and engines from their moorings, sometimes, even in broad daylight using lifting equipment!

Stolen outboard engines command a high price and often exceed €10,000 /$13, 500 in value. The Celtic Tiger has brought with it a raft of new and increasingly powerful outboard engines into Ireland. Small craft owners are aware that an outboard engine is often the single most expensive item on a boat and are concerned about the security of this asset.

With the credit-crunch causing widespread economic pressures and job losses it is likely there will be more thefts of soft target, high value assets such as Outboard Engines. It’s not uncommon to have a RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) parked in a driveway or easily accessible yard or caravan park, where theft may be effected in little or no time. Outboard engines are typically secured to the stern of the boat using bolts which maybe  removed with the right know how. 

Even more startling is the fact that thieves are are prepared to do whatever it takes to get that engine… we’ve had reports of some cutting through the boat stern hull to remove an engine while seriously damaging the boat in the process. This results in severe boat damage or a total loss on top of the theft of the engine.

And this all feeds into insurance claims and ultimately higher boat insurance premiums for everyone. It won’t take long for that to happen!

Halo Security offers a marine asset tracking system, which is mounted covertly on the boat or outboard engine. It is effectively invisible to a would be thief. It sends real time O.T.A. (Over The Air) information about the boat or engine’s whereabouts which is viewable via the Internet. Our International mapping solution allows accurate positioning of stolen goods wherever they may be taken.

Contact us for information on Marine Asset Security and Stolen Outboard Tracking.