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Here is Halo Fog Secure featuring on TV3 in Ireland, last year:



Halo Fog Guard - eliminate or reduce losses due to theft

Halo FogSecure pumps targeted non-toxic fog into a premises or vehicle within seconds of an alarm, causing thieves to flee EMPTY HANDED ! Read more


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Our experience of GPS Tracking Systems led us to develop the Boomerang Tracker to address the tracking needs of our clients over the years. They asked for a tracker that:

  • Didn’t need wiring
  • Could be easily attached to anything
  • Was small and hard to detect
  • Could be located with a standard Mobile Phone
  • Didn’t have any contract or monthly fees
  • Would work for a long time without an external power source
  • Could work without a Personal Computer

The Boomerang GPS Tracker delivers all this and a lot more. It is the culmination of years of research and development and we have decided to make it available to a worldwide audience via this eCommerce site,

Security Project Management

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Halo Security has a wealth of experience in the Security Industry delivering high-tech security solutions to a range of clients.

From Blue chip Pharmaceuticals to Power Generation, Health Care to Construction Halo Security has successfully delivered across a wide range of portfolio.

Halo Security’s in-house technical expertise ranges from implementation of ‘ATEX’ certified technology for explosive atmospheres to RFID, CCTV, Access Control & GPS Systems.

We can provide either full end-to-end solutions or professional advice & management on the design and implementation of security-specific hardware on large projects.


We can provide either full end-to-end solutions or professional advice & management on the design and implementation of security-specific hardware on large projects.

Halo Security works on behalf of you, our client, implementing the right staff to coordinate & manage your project’s lifecycle from initiation to closure performing regular phase reviews:

Project Initiation:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Establishing Term of Reference
  • Appointing of Project Teams & set-up of Project Offices

Project Planning:

  • Resource Planning
  • Risk Analysis
  • Quality Analysis
  • Financial Planning
  • Design Reviewing
  • Communications coordination
  • Scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Allocation of Resources


  • Build Deliverables
  • Monitoring & Control
  • Performing of Phase Reviews


  • Perform Project Closure & reviewing of Project Completion
  • Updating of Stakeholders

If you want a safe pair of hands to manage your project talk to Halo Security now by contacting us

Halo SiteGuard GSM – Wireless Weatherproof Intruder Detection Systems

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The Halo SiteGuard GSM protects your assets in locations that have NO Mains Electricity and have NO Landline phone connection.

What is Halo SiteGuard GSM ?
Imagine you have a site or asset in a remote location and need it protected. Imagine you have no power, phone lines, alarm system or infrastructure. Up to now, the only solution was a the huge expense of a Security Guard. Introducing Halo SiteGuard. A completely wireless intruder detection solution designed for use outdoors but works seamlessly indoors too. It uses state of the art sensors to detect unwanted intruders in the zone that has been protected. The unique feature of Halo Site Guard is that it’s a standalone wireless system that does not require any infrastructure to operate:
The SiteGuard system is powered by our revolutionary batteries which operate for over one year without charging. This unique aspect makes it highly versatile and flexible, allowing it function in virtually any environment. Halo SiteGuard may protect a small area or a very large one depending on your requirements -just add sensors. It’s that simple!

How does Halo SiteGuard GSM work?
The Halo SiteGuard system uses discreet wireless sensors to create an invisible barrier around the perimeter of a protected asset or site. If an intruder is detected, the system notifies our monitoring centre. The sensors are specially designed to prevent false alarms and not to trigger if small animals wander through the protected zone. It is so versatile, sensors may be moved around the site or zone easily, as required.


The market leading versatility of Halo SiteGuard allows it be used in diverse situations to protect:

• Building sites
• Machinery
• Empty properties
• Storage facilities
• Industrial sites
• Railway
• Cellular Towers
• Oil Storage
• Forestry

In fact, Halo SiteGuard works everywhere where conventional systems cannot!

• No external power needed
• No phone lines needed
• No cables – anywhere
• No solar panels!






Halo SiteCAM HD – covertly record video and audio without mains power

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Halo SiteCAM HD is a “covert” state of the art “evidence-grade” video and audio recorder. It works on battery power and is ideal for locations where no electrical power is available.

The covert Halo SiteCAM HD records surveillance video, audio, and pictures, day or night, rain or snow for 2 to 3 weeks between battery changes. It can even deliver 2-months of service if the optional external battery-pack is used. It doesn’t require an external power source. The Halo SiteCAM HD will capture all the action day or night complete with a time, date, moon phase, and temperature stamp on every video segment. It records crystal clear surveillance video with audio or can be easily adjusted to take fast-action snapshots to keep your property safe, day or night, indoors or out.


Halo SiteCAM HD Features and Benefits:

  • Records video & audio footage in all types of weather.
  • Battery powered – Does not require a hardline electrical connection.
  • Audio & Video stored on removable SD memory-card.
  • Dual cameras: Colour & B&W for perfect Day & Night images.
  • Colour 8 Megapixel camera for Hi-Def imaging.
  • Black and White (B&W) camera is 2 Megapixel for night clarity.
  • Infrared motion sensor to allow system capture images only when needed.
  • 15 Metre covert night-vision LEDs.
  • User settings: This customisable Digital Video/Infrared Camera Records Day or Night when motion is detected. It may be programmed to record fast-action snapshots or video segments. Choose video segments and adjust the unit to record 5 to 300 second video segments depending on your surveillance needs.
  • Perfect surveillance video day or night.
  • Infrared (IR) Sensor [with 54 IR emitters] that captures night vision video up to 15 metres away.
  • Simple Plug & Play Format and Crystal Clear Viewing [H.264 video compression (MPEG 4) format used by the Halo SiteCAM HD is extremely easy to playback on your PC or laptop.
  • 1024 x 720 High Definition (HD) digital video recording results in high quality video playback that lets you see everything perfectly.
  • 100% Weatherproof Camera designed For Outdoor Use.
  • Easily placed in a tree or other covert location.
  • Motion-activated recording will capture all the action onto a removable SD card.


– Camouflage attachment to blend with trees.
– External Li-ion battery to deliver two-months service life.
– Locking system to prevent theft if unit is discovered.

wireless security system – Halo SiteGuard GSM – battery powered

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The Halo SiteGuard GSM wireless security system has 4 sensor boxes which can be installed around your premises or home. It will alert you or a monitoring company by text message if you have an intruder. A key feature of the security system is that it is battery powered (1 year battery life guaranteed) and as a result can be easily installed and moved as required. It has a build-in 7 day timer that allows it to switch off during working hours and on again at evenings and weekends.

Halo SiteGuard GSM brochure

warehouse security

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warehouse securityWarehouse Security aims to prevent theft and alert either a monitoring company, keyholder or designated person that a theft is taking place, then provide evidence of a theft (cctv footage).

While a robust warehouse security plan should incorporate Read more

lone working

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lone working man down alarm

Lone working has its rewards and challenges.

You have time flexibility in that your boss might know where you are but not what you are doing Read more

FogSecure retail

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In a retail environment FogSecure is proven to protect assets:

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Atex Radio

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atex radio

The Halo Atex UHF Radio is an intrinsically safe personnel communication tool. It is a full featured two way, lone worker, man down emergency radio that is specifically designed for use in hazardous Read more

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