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atex radio

The Halo Atex UHF Radio is an intrinsically safe personnel communication tool. It is a full featured two way, lone worker, man down emergency radio that is specifically designed for use in hazardous environments.

Safe 2-way Communication
The Halo ATEX Radio functions like a walkie talkie and allows communication between two or more people. However, unlike a standard walkie talkie it also features a lone worker security & safety system, meaning that if an individual is in trouble, they can quickly activate an alarm by pressing a key on the handset. Furthermore this Atex radio has an optional “man down” function. If the individual with the radio falls over or loses consciousness then the optional verticality sensor senses this and sends an alarm. Finally this ATEX radio has the highest ATEX ratings and complies with relevant EN standards.

Atex 20, 21, 22 rated
The Halo ATEX radio also has ratings of ATEX 20, 21, 22 which means that it is rated for dust environments.

Why an ATEX radio is required
Many workplace environments involve the manufacture, storage and transport of flammable and / or hazardous materials. These materials need careful handling and the highest level of protection is mandatory. Hazardous materials (liquid, gas or powder) can be ignited by a spark, a flame or a hot surface. Even a radio is capable of triggering an explosion in hazardous conditions. Most people will have seen warning notices at service station fuel pumps, which caution against mobile phone use. Hazardous material environments require the correct equipment. Using a radio with inadequate specifications can have life-threatening consequences. In a hazardous environment it is still necessary to communicate but only with absolute assurance of safety.

Halo ATEX radio features

  • High Power Output (up to 3.5 watts).
  • User-Friendly [large keys allow for easy operation even while wearing heavy gloves].
  • Prominent programmable alarm key.
  • Easy to read display [luminous keys and backlit display help to ensure correct use of the radio even in the dark].
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Flexible operation [this Atex radio is equipped with tone systems such as CCIR, ZVEI and CTCSS].
  • Shock and Vibration resistant.
  • All frequency bands communication.
  • User configurable interface.
  • Accessory sockets.
  • Extensive range of accessories.
  • LED (red – green) indicates send – receive status.
  • Dual Rotary knobs (configurable as multi choice knobs or as channel selectors).
  • Highest ATEX classification.
  • Radio and battery are certified for gas and dust and can be used in ATEX environments without carrying case.
  • Possible to change the battery in ATEX environments.
  • Programmable Man Down / Verticality sensor w/ in-built automated alert escalation system
    Halo Atex UHF Radio is compatible with a range of OEM suits and suit-integrated microphones, speakers & PTT switches.


Halo ATEX radio


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