Halo SiteGuard GSM – Wireless Weatherproof Intruder Detection Systems

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The Halo SiteGuard GSM protects your assets in locations that have NO Mains Electricity and have NO Landline phone connection.

What is Halo SiteGuard GSM ?
Imagine you have a site or asset in a remote location and need it protected. Imagine you have no power, phone lines, alarm system or infrastructure. Up to now, the only solution was a the huge expense of a Security Guard. Introducing Halo SiteGuard. A completely wireless intruder detection solution designed for use outdoors but works seamlessly indoors too. It uses state of the art sensors to detect unwanted intruders in the zone that has been protected. The unique feature of Halo Site Guard is that it’s a standalone wireless system that does not require any infrastructure to operate:
The SiteGuard system is powered by our revolutionary batteries which operate for over one year without charging. This unique aspect makes it highly versatile and flexible, allowing it function in virtually any environment. Halo SiteGuard may protect a small area or a very large one depending on your requirements -just add sensors. It’s that simple!

How does Halo SiteGuard GSM work?
The Halo SiteGuard system uses discreet wireless sensors to create an invisible barrier around the perimeter of a protected asset or site. If an intruder is detected, the system notifies our monitoring centre. The sensors are specially designed to prevent false alarms and not to trigger if small animals wander through the protected zone. It is so versatile, sensors may be moved around the site or zone easily, as required.


The market leading versatility of Halo SiteGuard allows it be used in diverse situations to protect:

• Building sites
• Machinery
• Empty properties
• Storage facilities
• Industrial sites
• Railway
• Cellular Towers
• Oil Storage
• Forestry

In fact, Halo SiteGuard works everywhere where conventional systems cannot!

• No external power needed
• No phone lines needed
• No cables – anywhere
• No solar panels!