Lone Worker Safety and Security

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Lone Worker Safety - in built GPS tracking and alert systemYou may have employees or contractors who are alone when the perform their duties. The duty may be hazardous or the duty may be routine but in a remote location. A lone worker faces a greater security risk, expecially if they are confronted with a violent situation single handed.

As an employer you are required to considered the health and safety aspects of lone workers. And if you are an independant contractor you need to ensure you are protecting your own health and safety.

The Halo Guard Lone Worker GPS Safety System addresses the concerns of Lone Worker Safety through a single device that is the size of a mobile phone. With a double key press on the (to indicate a potentially harmful situation) the Lone Worker can send an alert to a 24/7 emergency response centre. The emergency response centre will then listen in discretely and wait for the Lone Worker to acknowledge (it may not be safe to do so). The emergency response centre can see the position of the Lone Worker by real time GPS. The audio activity at the location is recorded. If there is a situation that requires intervention an agreed emergency procedure is initiated.

The Halo Guard Lone Worker GPS System operates on separate communication protocols and can send SMS (text) alerts via multiple carriers and will continue to send messages until a message gets through.

CCTV remote access with Halo 3G Remote View – use your mobile phone to see and hear activity at the camera location

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See what your Remote Camera see's and hear what your Camera hears from your Mobile Phone !With Halo 3G remote view you can be on holiday, at home or anywhere except where this remote CCTV camera is installed. Simply use your mobile phone to call your Halo 3G Remote View Camera – once connected you can see & hear activity at the camera’s location.

This is NOT an IP camera that needs to be connected to the Internet. It is a stand-alone camera that you can access directly via your mobile phone…

Halo Security specializes in specifying, fitting and supporting Remote View Camera’s.

With Halo 3G RemoteView you automatically get alerts if the camera is triggered by a sensor. The camera will phone your mobile and provide crisp images and audio in realtime so you can decide if your presence is required.


  • No wires, broadband, LANs, VPNs etc…
  • Password Access on your mobile phone
  • No special phone software required.
  • All you need is a SIM card.
  • The Camera has infrared LED’s for night vision
  • Internal battery with more than 250 hours in standby and 4 hours in video call if power goes off.
  • External power supply supplied.
  • Can be installed outside (IP 54 protection).
  • Solar Panel compatible so you don’t even need a power source. Simple!

Specifications for Halo 3G Remote View Camera

  1. Thermal resistor      Alim. 12Vdc/24Vac. Internal thermal switch
  2. Messages      Receives SMS for camera settings.
  3. Privacy      Limitation to 5 calling numbers.
  4. Battery      2200 mAh. 330 hrs stanby mode, 3,2 hrs in video operation.
  5. Working temperature      -20º to +50ºC
  6. Connections      USB connection for software update
  7. Microphone      Better than -40 dBm
  8. Dimensions      200 x 80 x 80 mm
  9. Weight     300 gr
  10. Camera      CCD 100 Kpixel, 352×288. View angles: 58”diagonal, 46″ horizontal, 38” vertical.
  11. Power supply      12 V DC

CCTV Technology offered by Halo Security

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CCTVThe more recent developments in CCTV or Closed-Circuit TV have transformed what we can expect from a CCTV solution.


Far from just replaying footage of an event using tapes and a basic time/date search one can now search a digital archive using ‘thumbnail’ views to find what one’s looking for quickly.

And that’s just for starters…

‘Intelligent’ motion & non-motion technology can provide alerts when someone or thing enters the image or when something is left behind i.e. a mystery bag at an airport which could contain a bomb. Systems can detect this and more automagically!

The days of having guards manning a site are over- the technology can do the monitoring and only call for assistance when required.

Darkness remains the biggest challenge for cameras but new Infra-Red technology, invisible to the naked eye, allows clear images in total darkness.

For even longer-range night viewing, Halo Security holds a U.S Government export license for 25 Hz FLIR Thermal Imaging Systems – which are a controlled military technology. It displays Infra-Red thermal energy and assembles it so that it may be viewed on a screen. As IR is sometimes only minimally distorted through fog or rain these cameras can work well in difficult conditions (see video) but their main drawback is that they cannot show facial detail.

There are literally thousands of permutations and possibilities with CCTV systems and budget is the biggest constraint. Having a clear budget allows a Halo Security Technology Specifier to deliver what the clients needs rather than wants so that quality is maintained. We have to maintain a focus on the end game, delivering court-admissable recorded footage. If the budget only allows for 5 good cameras, that’s far better than 10 bad ones!


  CCTV Fact 1:  Tapes are gone – they have been replaced with DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders)

Owners and managers of premises also need to know that if there is an altercation or personal injury on the premises that there is recorded evidence available to the police to assist prosecution and to prevent false claims.

   CCTV Fact 2:   Too often CCTV images are too poor to be used as evidence.

Halo Security’s aim is to provide 20:20 hindsight on all recorded images. That means when we walk through your premises and specify a solution our objective is to consider light, distance, camera type, camera position and other factors to correctly specify a solution that will provide usable recorded data – we are more interested in providing a solution – not only a means to reducing an insurance premium.

   CCTV Fact 3:  DVR’s are PC-Based or non PC-Based

PC-based DVR’s offer the best features and are, at their core, computers but are designed for continuous running. The quality of the hardware and software is critical but when done right they provide a versatile multi-function system that can not only catch criminals, but also improve business efficiency through motion and sensor based alerts. These systems are being used in the manufacturing industry to automate quality control.

Standalone DVRs are an ideal budget alternative. They are generally quite stable but are not always user friendly and take a bit of getting used to.

CCTV fact 4:   The ‘live CCTV image’ in a CCTV system is not the same as the recorded image. 

Quality is lost in the recording process. Maintaining Image Integrity is paramount to Halo Security’s ethos. The central aim of any CCTV system is to provide incontrovertible evidence of historical activity.

Single Vehicle Tracking

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Vehicle GPS Tracking and Anti Theft DevicesHalo Security provides vehicle tracking systems for individual vehicles. 

While GPS tracking systems were once only considered in Commercial Applications where a fleet manager or company owner needed Fleet Management, or by trucking / haulage companies, plant hire companies and companies in general trying to reduce fuel and operating costs while more closely controling their businesses through detailed gps reporting information, now Halo Security can offer a value solution to individuals. Read more

Fleet Management

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Halo Security’s Fleet Management Systems

Benefits of Fleet Management:

  • Increased Management Information – Improving call-routes no doubling-up with multiple calls
  • Security (Vehicles, Plant, Assets) – Recover stolen equipment
  • Reduced Insurance premiums – Insurance discounts are available to fleets using GPS. Read more